WIP Lists

1/100 HG Wing Gundam Zero "Repair" Custom
The Main Idea...
Cutting pieces apart and Buster Rifle mod
Leg battle damage and internal detail
Front wings mod and head wiring
Front wings final mod
Back wings battle damage and other mods
The main stand/base
Creating the diorama and more Gundam mods
Creating the diorama
Painting of the diorama
Painting and final assembly of the Gundam
Completed Model

3 3/4Inch Gardet Luc's "The Patronizer" Custom
Custom Proccess
Completed Figure

1/100 MG Aile Strike Gundam Custom
Basic chest mods and Custom Scriber
Skirt and shoulder mods. scribing more panel lines
Painting the internal frame and adding metal parts
Painting the external armor
Painting and applying Decals on  the Aile Striker pack
Making the Base
Completed Model

1/350 JMSDF DDG-174 Kirishima
Building the Super Structures
Removing gaps using talcum powder and mr. surfacer 500
More Superstructure details, then crushing the bridge
More ship details
Painting, Decals and Weathering
Completed Model

Evangelion 2.0 EVA-02 over 1/350 JMSDF DDG-174 KIRISHIMA
EVA-02 Painting and basic works
EVA-02 Painting Weapons and Accessories
EVA-02 Decals
Completed Model

1/60 PG Strike Freedom
Snapfitting the FEET and LEGS
Snapfitting the HIPS and BODY
Snapfitting the HEAD, ARMS and BACKPACK 
Snapfitting the DRAGOON SYSTEM and Modifying the problematic wing connector 
Body work, coating, panel lines, others...
Dragoon System work, decals, panel lines, other mods
Completed Model

1/100 MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka EW
Neck and Cockpit Mods
Wing Mods 
Fixing / Hiding Errors
Painting Main Colors
Painting the Gray on Armors 
1st Release Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Decal Guide
Painting Gunmetals and Test Assembly 
Decals, Faded Effect 
Protective Coats, Enamel Washes 
Aurora Stickers, Custom Base
Completed Model

1/100 MG Hyaku Shiki
Head Mods
Proportion adjustment, Body Mods
Details, kitbash details
More details

1/100 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie 'Sheryl Nome' Markings 
Completed Model with WIP Images

1/100 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie 'Ranka Lee' Markings
WIP - sanpfit, sumi-ire, decals, painting pilots
Completed Model>

CCA (1988) 1/144 RGM-89 Jegan
Adding joints/articulation to neck,waist, and upper arms
Removing seamlines, reforming/refining details/pieces

HGUC Zaku II FZ La-01
Adding details, Mono Eye, Spring for energy pipes, shield joint details.
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