Saturday, February 19, 2011

MG 1/100 Aile Strike Gundam Custom

 Aile Strike Gundam finished... about 3-4 months of work...

Added Metal and wire details and retooled some parts... custom stand/base...

More images below... (click for larger images...)


I'm being a minimalist on adding details on any Gundam model that will greatly make a difference in the overall look of the model... I'm not the kind who would want to put all sorts of things on my model like a bigger backpack overhauled with verniers, or extra giant armor pieces...

I bought the Aile Strike Gundam, built the Gundam, made some detailing up, and I want it to look like Aile Strike Gundam when I'm done... just a shout out...

Ten years later in the future... I would want to see this model as it is now...

Alternate post... (rotated base, so Aile Strike Gundam is leaning back instead of up front...)

A peek of my other work space...

Until next post!


  1. can you give a tutorial how to make a base/stand for gundam like above???


  2. This need a ver. 2.0 anyway, you did a great paint job ;)


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