Sunday, October 3, 2010

HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero WIP 9

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 So it's been two weeks since the last update. I've finished about 95% of all the modding and covering the visible seamlines, the other 5% will be done during or after the painting process. The base diorama is already primed. All I need to do now is to paint the whole project!

I added a few more Sprues, Balloon sticks and wires on the base to make it more detailed. My goal was to make it look like a part of a space colony.

These are mostly diorama WIP updates...

I added a few wires on the diorama.

 Then I used DC23's glue and sand mixture to add some rocky/dirt/rust textures on the diorama...

The main wooden base was also sanded several times.

I sanded the thing while it was raining...

I then added a little more Mr. Surfacer 500 over the  waterstop sealant. Then dried, then sanded again...

Then after some time, I primed the base with a Tamiya spraycan primer.

I do believe that the glue and sand application produced a good job in adding textures. I was thinking of using Mr. Surfacer 500 but it would take much time and is very costly.

I also painted the insides of the battle damaged wings before cementing the two sides together and removing the seamlines... It makes it easier for painting later.

I painted them with German Gray then added a black enamel wash afterwards...

 Until next post!


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