Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 Over a thousand tiny waterslide decals applied, painted details, gloss coated, weathered, panel lined with gold enamel, gold stickers applied.

And it's still standing with it's Dragoon System...

Word of advice... it's not safe to let PGSF stand alone as it easily falls down due to it's heavy back...

In fact I had a hard time photographing this kit without it's stand as it fell over about 3 times, luckily no visible scratch was found and nothing broke...

Click images for better resolutions...

Hatch Open!

Full Burst Mode!

A few IC Pins

And luckily, I just finished this just in time for the clients birthday tomorrow...

Pre! Advanced Happy Birthday Preeee!!!

(Either I finish Wing Gundam next, continue Hyaku Shiki, or start on VF-25F Sheryl Marking Version...)


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