Thursday, September 16, 2010

HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero WIP 7

Share|After a lot of haul posts... I have finally posted a good update for my first ever custom Gundam.

I assembled Wing Zero and mounted it into the base so I can figure out what size I'm going for for the diorama itself.

I think 5 months of work is going to be worth it...

But about 8 WIP Posts going on about 10 in a few more days is, I think, too much for one project this small. I should work more on a better process for completing more projects in less time.


I was planning on added more wiring details to some parts (behind the knees, on the ankles, and crotch area) but the power adapter for my rotary tool broke... so I can't use it until I can buy another...

There are still a lot more modding to be done to the kit like adding more bullet holes to the wings, lower legs, and body, then comes painting, then comes adding the transparent greens...

I used an old wood project for the base, stucked in some metal rod with super glue and waterstop, then drilled some screw to the topside so the epoxy that I'll be putting later will hold onto something. I also put on some more waterstop on the edges of the wooden base, then I will sand them later on to fill in the gaps between the wooden blocks thus having a cleaner build on the base/stand.

More Wing Zero WIP images.

Until next post!

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