Monday, October 11, 2010

HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero WIP 10


Share | So here it is... the continuation of the process of creating a DC23 PG Zeta inspired diorama. The process was actually fun considering it's a first. The only paints I used for the process are just cheap acrylics and some enamel washes. No hairspray technique or other complicated techniques since I don't have the resources to do it at the moment. Good thing it came out good.

I wanted it to come out with a much lighter shade of gray to blend it well with the Wing Gundam Zero but then I might just have to leave it like that so you put more attention on the Wing Zero and less for the darkish diorama...

This shows the underside of the diorama.

I used black acrylic (mixed with about 1/4 water) to do an even preliminary coating.

I tried to cover every nook and granny...

I then mixed in some Black, Bronze and Copper for a second coating.

 The idea is to simulate rusting effects and or black oil/grease. I just did some dabbing on about 50% of the whole area while the black coat is still wet. I tried to put more coats over the lower pipes and less as it goes through the top.

See the brownish tints?

I then mixed some black and white to produce a dark shade of gray, and readied some silver for highlights.

I first painted the plating parts gray, but left some areas unpainted so the rust effects is shown.

Normally, metals do not rust in space since rusting needs oxygen for it to occur. Space doesn't have oxygen, but rusting effects on anything metal makes it look more realistic no matter how wrong it is... but you have to be careful where to put it.

Plus it also make the diorama more cooler.

I also covered the upper pipes a gray coating to create depth for the lower pipes.


I then painted silver on the smaller panels to create more highlights and details.

Then, I used the same Black, Copper, Bronze mixture to drybrush  some rust effects over the gray coat. I applied it mostly to the edges of the panels and holes and at the tips of the tubes/pipes.

I readied my old Enamel wash mixture. 1/5 Black Enamel, 4/5 Thinner.

I applied to the panel edges.

Then cleaned the excess with thinner using cotton buds.

So here it is... the finished diorama. I still need to apply a coating of Future to seal it, then some matte or semi gloss coating.

I also painted the wooden base a coat of black but left a part uncovered for some epoxy application later (or not...) ... I forgot to apply Future coating to this since I became busy with some other things...

Until next post!


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  2. That's a sweet dio! I think I need to make one soon :) thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks! that's inspired by DC23 though... I will try to create something better for the next projects...


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