Monday, September 19, 2011


The new Master Grade called Delta Plus just came out but I was more interested in getting this Hyaku Shiki... Sure the Delta Plus is a very cool looking mobile suit but there's little from it that would drag me into getting it anytime soon... And I'm sure there'd still be stocks of it available some years from now...

Anyways... This is Lt. Quatro Vageena's Prototype Mobile Suit from the Zeta series.

I didn't mind putting the Ballute System on the Hyaku Shiki but half the reason of buying this new version was getting the Ballute System and putting it onto Nemo, which looks better than putting it on the sleek Hyaku Shiki.

Kind of reminds me of those elite American paratroopers from World War II.
Band of Brothers anyone?

Either I get a second Nemo or a second Rick Dias... or get a second of both. Then get the Mark II, Zeta Gundam for last... Double Zeta, hmmm.... Waiting for a Ver. 2.0...

Currently Snapfitting RX-78 Gundam Ver. Ka or Continuing PG 1/60 Strike Freedom...


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