Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Thought: Iori Yoshizuki and Asuka cosplay

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 It's 2:45AM now...

My Midterms just came to an end and I can continue work on my Wing Zero tomorrow... I wish I could finished everything tomorrow though I still need to get a flat coat spraycan as a finishing touch.

Anyway, talking about Cosplays and Cosplayers. Here is a photo of a cute cosplayer I've been seeing ever since I've been searching for cosplays.

She definitely looks like someone (some character) I can't remember, then it came to me while posting some note about anime things on Facebook.

Turns out she's Yoshizuki Iori from the manga I"s which was also the first manga I read when I was in grade 7 to Highschool I think. It was introduced to me by my fellow classmate whom I also commissioned to make some illustrations of Asuka, Rei, and Misato from the Evangelion series.

Here's another Cosplayer still as Iori.

And here's a rather Ok Asuka cosplayer (I can't find her name...). Well the cosplayer could be perfect but I wish she could have tried a better plugsuit on,... but perfect nonetheless...

If anyone of you knows the name of any of these cosplayers,
do me a solid?

Untill next post!

I will definitely be working on Zero later... but will have to sleep it on for now...

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