Friday, November 26, 2010

1/100 HG Wing Gundam Zero "Repair" Custom

Share | This took me 9 months of on and off work, too much cash for starting up the hobby, and learned many things in doing the project. This is my first ever customized Gundam considered as a start up build or a practice build. Now I know the basics and have the experience and a basis for doing more kits next time. This is already one of my projects which have a big sentimental value for me. Thanks to DC23's basic tutorials, and to those people at the MAC forums who helped me..

Basic rundown of mods:
-added wires to shoulder, hip and feet joints.
-added few plaplates on body and on the inner sides of some armor.
-cut the wings in parts.
-added internal detail on busted leg part.
-changed the "feather" parts into 14 individual movable parts.
-changed the rifle handle with a new one.
-added green sensors to head, arms, and rifle parts.
-made a hole/joint at the backpack for the stand.
-added few bare wires on broken armors.
-reshaped the lower part of the leg.


Other information about the build was discussed in the WIP posts...

Anyways... here's the gallery of the project.


Until next post!

I'm currently working on GAT-105 Strike right now...





  1. This is fucking awesome.

  2. Geez. This is so beautiful I'm at a loss for words, haha.

    Seriously. I admire all the dedication and effort you put into this. Wing Zero Custom is such a gorgeous gundam and you've truly done it justice.

  3. Big thanks for the great comments!

  4. this is masterpiece...
    your first time got a big shot,, keep it up bro...


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